Changing the Face of Identity Recognition


Changing the Face of Identity Recognition

EclipseIR™ offers the most advanced suite of facial recognition products available so that users in Law enforcement, Commercial Security, and Social Media can enhance public safety, safeguard strategic Commercial Buildings, protect key personnel, identify intruders, and provide enhanced customer experience.

Broad application base
Applications for MatchPointIR™, SearchPointIR™, and Resolver™, include law enforcement, public safety, commercial and private security, and are ideal for deployment in police departments; homeland security; retail stores & high-risk merchants; corporate buildings & campuses; sports & entertainment venues; healthcare facilities; airports & public transportation facilities. Typical applications include visitor surveillance, validation and access; police and private security forensics; predator identification and surveillance; intruder detection; and location of lost individuals.

EclipseIR™ facial recognition systems enhance live surveillance by detecting individuals surrounding high-risk areas, high-profile buildings and properties and public events, alerting officials of troublemakers, known terrorists.

Video Forensics
Facial recognition is critical to investigations to sort through hours of stored video in just minutes, to detect and identify persons of interest, quickly providing investigators with information and leads to direct and support their investigations.

Validation and access
Facial identity recognition can significantly enhance public and personal security when implemented to validate card access systems to apartment buildings, for example, or to enhance personal validation at ATM machines.

Predator identification and surveillance;
College campuses and other predator-prone areas can enhance security at entrances and surrounding areas by connecting surveillance video to EclipseIR™ facial recognition systems connected to predator databases.

Intruder detection
Surveillance enhanced with facial recognition locates intruders at building and event entrances and exits. Automatic alerts notify officers of intruder access.

VIP recognition
Retail stores, entertainment venues, and high-security buildings can use facial recognition to identify VIPs and authorized personnel to allow timely access and enhance customer experiences.

Pilot fast-tracking
Airport security can be enhanced and pilots and air crew can be provided fast and secure access by using facial recognition to validate identity.

Location of lost and missing persons
Using facial recognition to search live and stored video can expedite the search or missing persons, where time is of the most critical nature

Eclipse Identity Recognition Corporation
EclipseIR™ brings next-generation facial recognition and identity technologies to the real,
imperfect world of intelligent surveillance and video analysis for law enforcement, commercial
security, and business applications.