Board of Directors

The Eclipse Identity Recognition Corporation Board of Directors comrpises seven Directors providing leadership and guidance with expertise in technology, security, finance, business development & corporate affairs.

- Ron Mayron
- David Tsur
- Stephen Miller
- Tony Otto
- Amy Korman
- Noel Montanez
- Lee Ann Clary

A brief Vitae for each Director is provided below

Ron Mayron brings in a very extensive list of sales and marketing experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd in where he was there for over 20 years and held various positions (VP of Israel & Africa & CEO Teva Israel; VP of Russia & Regional Markets, International Group;  VP, Commercial Affairs, International Group). Prior to joining EclipseIR™, Ron was founder and CEO of RonMed Ltd where he continues to consult with healthcare companies on operations, integration, implementation, business development. Ron also currently serves as chairman of the Board of G-Med, WizePharma Ltd, and Ocon Medical Ltd. and a member of the board in Biolight Life Sciences Investments Ltd and Insuline Medical Ltd. Ron holds an MBA in information systems with a minor in Technology Management and Operational Systems from the University of Tel-Aviv; and a B.Sc. in Industrial & Management Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Ron also served in the Israeli military as Chief Operations Officer (Major).

David Tsur renowned former Member of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) and former Commander of the Tel Aviv District Police, bring in over 30 years of military, security, and intelligence experience in overseeing one of the most volatile regions in the Middle East. David’s military experience is so extensive. From being a Commander in the Counter Terrorism Unit to Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Homeland Security to Commander of the Tel Aviv District to a Member of the Israeli Parliament, David’s experience includes overseeing the management of safety and security of Tel Aviv; coordinating the cooperation between the government and the security forces; serving as a representative of Israel at the international advisory committee (G7 – USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia and Israel) for the Athens Olympics in 2004 to overseeing the organization and preparation of the second visit of Pope John Paul II to the Holy Land in 2000. David understands the role and need for safety and security in the cities and for the military. His knowledge and experience will be valuable to the Company in addressing the security needs of countries, the military, and the cities. Prior to joining EclipseIR™, David was also the CEO and Founder of his consulting company, GLS Ltd., where he provided high end, security consulting for large scale and strategic projects to states and private organizational all over the world. David holds a BA in Social Sciences from the Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

Stephen Miller is an internationally recognized expert in biometric application technologies and intelligent security systems, having led the early efforts for fingerprint-based access control systems and developed biometric systems for airports, prisons, and other high-security environments. Mr. Miller has served as advisor to many startups and well established security companies and has led numerous joint development efforts between American and Japanese companies. Recently Mr. Miller successfully introduced American based facial recognition and intelligent video technologies to China and Japan.  Moreover, he has advised various corporate executives of large international corporations within Japan, China, and India on security technologies. Mr. Miller is a graduate of Webster University and has resided in Silicon Valley for the past 25 years.

Tony Otto is considered one of the top biometric algorithm programmers in the United States, having developed algorithms and applications for casinos, banks, and commercial applications. He was among the pioneers in adapting emerging video compression technologies to real-world applications. As co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tony has developed and continues to advance EclipseIR’s leading-edge core technology for biometric and facial recognition and systems. For the past 25 years, Tony has served as technical director and advisor for numerous companies and many startups in the video and biometric industries.

Amy Korman is a renowned entrepreneurial expert in the Technology, Marketing and Real Estate Fields with over 20 years’ experience. Prior to joining EclipseIR™, In the last, 12 years, Amy has worked in various real estate projects in India, Singapore, and Vietnam; partnerships with various technology startups; was an author who marketed and managed the distribution of her Israel book; and was public relations and image consultants for various international political candidates. Prior to that, Amy was involved with a Production Company that produced events for business, government, and fundraising campaigns such as for IMAX, MOTORGAS. Lastly, Amy was also a financial analyst for the CBS Television Network. Amy holds a MBA in Studies from New York University, NY and a BA in Finance also from New York University, NY.

Noel Montanez is a successful business entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the biometrics industry. Besides having joined EclipseIR™, Noel also is President and Founder of his own company, VIP Transportation and Security C.A. that provides security and transportation for multinational companies in Venezuela for 18 years. Prior to that, Noel was Director of South America for Hi-Key Technologies, responsible for market and distribution channels for the fingerprint access control systems. Besides his biometrics and security expertise, Noel’s knowledge and experience also includes an extensive background in international sales and business development in which he was held positions as product specialist and budget/financial manager with the largest Venezuelan business conglomerate known as the Organizacion Diego Cisneros. Noel’s greatest achievement in the biometric industry is that he is one of the first in his region to introduce fingerprint technology to the Latin American market, with successful installations of the technology in the countries of Venezuela and Brazil. Noel is a former business graduate from the Washington University in Saint Louis, Mo. and also holds an MBA from the Babson College in Boston, MA.

Lee Ann Clary brings 28 years of experience in the financial services arena with extensive background in financial and regulatory reporting for trading firms regulated by the CFTC, NFA, SEC and NASD. In addition to having been associated with multiple start-ups and firms adding new growth strategies, Lee Ann has served as an auditor for mid-level companies in the financial services, health care and manufacturing sectors; held positions of controller and chief financial officer for commodity and equity based firms; and has also served in preparing disclosure documents for commodity trading advisors and commodity pool operators.

Eclipse Identity Recognition Corporation
EclipseIR™ brings next generation facial recognition and identity technologies to the real, imperfect world of intelligent surveillance and security, law enforcement, commercial, and social media applications.