Changing the Face of Identity Recognition

Facial Recognition FAQs



What is the EclipseIR™ Facial Recognition technology?
A computerized system with the ability to identify people by their faces. The technology was developed and is maintained in the United States by Eclipse Identity Recognition Corporation.

What is Multiple Face capture from a crowd?
The ability to capture multiple faces from a single picture.

Where can Facial Recognition be used?
Almost any where a need to determine that "who is Who?" is needed.

Here are few examples:

• Border Control
• Government Immigration programs
• Law enforcement
• Office building protection
• Night Clubs
• Hotels
• Genealogy
• Computer login
• Mobile authentication
.. and a lot more

Why EclipseIR™?
The team members of EclipseIR™ has extensive background in biometrics and video. We understand the how, why, and when to deploy.

What is the EclipseIR™ Visitor Access Management applications?
A very user friendly computer program that identifies "Persons of Interest" at controlled entry points. If a Person of Interest is identified, security personnel are notified by the user interface or an alert is sent to a mobile phone.

What is a SDK?
Software Development Kit. We offer a software development kit so others can create amazing facial recognition applications.

Will it work with my existing camera system?
We work with many camera manufactuers. Please email for approved vendors.

How well does the EclipseIR™ FR technology work?
We have performed extensive tests on our software using a multi-ethnic, gender, and age database that contains over 1,000,000 faces on all of our technologies. We understand performance in the "real world".

Eclipse Identity Recognition Corporation
EclipseIR™ brings next-generation facial recognition and identity technologies to the real,
imperfect world of intelligent surveillance and video analysis for law enforcement, commercial
security, and business applications.