Changing the Face of Identity Recognition


A software development kit (SDK) for integration of facial recognition in complex systems deployments and OEM products

FusionIR™ packages EclipseIR's Facial Detection and Recognitions engines (INDIface) technologies into a software developer kit (SDK) to allow original equipment manufacturers (OEM)s to include the technologies in their existing systems or a third party developer to create custom applications with INDIface. EclipseIR's own applications (recapped in the table below) use the same SDK that is available to OEM customers.

Powerful Facial Detection and Identity Recognition
EclipseIR™ has developed world-class biometric video analytics capabilities to detect facial and identity characteristics in adverse video conditions, often due to low-quality cameras, poor lighting, moving subjects, and partially visible faces. Moreover, the technology can detect multiple faces within a single video frame. Once detected, faces are matched to a database of persons of interest.

Visitor Monitoring and Intruder Detection
Geared toward commercial, retail and public implementations for visitor monitoring and intruder detection, Systems detect individuals entering a building or area, and compares to a database to determine whether that person is an intruder, VIP, employee, visitor, delivery person, or predator, for example. FusiontIRTM offers solutions to applications within a wide variety of vertical markets including hospitality, retail, commercial, industrial, real estate, and healthcare, and law enforcement.

Database Integration
FusionIR™ allows users to ingest external databases to build an active person-of-interest database. In addition to facial templates for comparison, the database also maintains appropriate person of interest identity information, as well as reason of interest and support for immediate action to be taken in the event of a match.

Database Synchronization
When two or more system nodes are integrated into a system, their databases can be synchronized via a common server. This approach insures that each security officer or user is armed with up-to-date and accurate POI information to take immediate and appropriate action. When a user updates or makes a new enrollment at one site, the information is automatically synchronized, updating all other nodes. In the event of a network outage, each individual site is fully independently operational.
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EclipseIR™ brings next-generation facial recognition and identity technologies to the real,
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