David Tsur

Executive Vice President of Homeland Security

David Tsur is a renowned former Member of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) and former Commander of the Tel Aviv District Police, bring in over 30 years of military, security, and intelligence experience in overseeing one of the most volatile regions in the Middle East. David’s military experience is so extensive. From being a Commander in the Counter Terrorism Unit to Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Homeland Security to Commander of the Tel Aviv District to a Member of the Israeli Parliament, David’s experience includes overseeing the management of safety and security of Tel Aviv; coordinating the cooperation between the government and the security forces; serving as a representative of Israel at the international advisory committee (G7 – USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia and Israel) for the Athens Olympics in 2004 to overseeing the organization and preparation of the second visit of Pope John Paul II to the Holy Land in 2000. David understands the role and need for safety and security in the cities and for the military. His knowledge and experience will be valuable to the Company in addressing the security needs of countries, the military, and the cities. Prior to joining EclipseIR™, David was also the CEO and Founder of his consulting company, GLS Ltd., where he provided high end, security consulting for large scale and strategic projects to states and private organizational all over the world. David holds a BA in Social Sciences from the Tel-Aviv University, Israel..

Eclipse Identity Recognition Corporation
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