Changing the Face of Identity Recognition
EclipseIR™ brings next generation facial recognition and identity technologies to the real, imperfect world of intelligent surveillance and security, law enforcement, commercial, government, and small business.
Next-generation Facial Identity Recognition Technologies detect and identify individuals from live and stored video streams. Multiple-face detection in a crowd and personal biometric analysis set EclipseIR apart.
Specialized products are developed for law enforcement, government, commercial security and small business applications for video surveillance, access management, lost-person location, and video investigation.
Next-generation Facial Recognition in the real world
Law Enforcement
& Government
With MATCHPOINT COMMANDER and SEARCHPOINT, law enforcement and government agencies can deploy facial recognition with biometric analysis in live and stored video to locate and identify persons of interest.
Corporate & Enterprise
MATCHPOINT6 and COMMANDER enhance corporate security with facial recognition by identifying persons of interest in live mulit-channel video, alerting officers of intruder threats and persons of interest including VIPs.
Small Business Security
Small businesses can enhance security with MATCHPOINT LITE a bundled facial recognition system including hardware and software for single-channel applications. Users can be alerted for troublemakers and other persons of interest.
Video Analysis
SEARCHPOINT is optimized for investigative analysis of stored and externally-provided video to identify and locate predators, intruders and other persons of interest, operating as a network investigative tool or stand-alone service.