Facial Detection and Identity Recognition on a mobile platform

MobileSnapshotIR™ supports law enforcement, public safety and commercial applications in remote and mobile environments. With Snapshot MobileSnapshotIR™ Eclipse™ provides the power of facial identity recognition on iPhones and Android SmartPhones and tablets. Officers in the field can identify persons of interest and known offenders in seconds by clicking a photo and sending to the server. Results are returned in under a minute with the likely identity of the suspect and level of match confidence.

Flexible Deployment on a Web-based Platform
Because MobileSnapshotIR™is web based, the system puts minimal demands on a department’s infrastructure, allowing rapid and minimally invasive deployment with low overhead in both large and small organizations. In addition to law enforcement applications, MobileSnapshotIR™ is ideal for commercial and private security companies. The system can be deployed to enhance intruder detection in high-profile buildings, for example. Retail businesses could also deploy the system not only to identify shoplifters and troublemakers, but to identify VIPs and repeat customers to enhance customer service.

Powerful Facial Detection and Identity Recognition
MobileSnapshotIR™ takes advantage of EclipseIRs world-class biometric video analytics capabilities to detect facial and identity characteristics in adverse video conditions, often due to low-quality cameras, poor lighting, moving subjects, and partially visible faces.

Alert Notification and Validation
Once a person of interest is identified, an on-screen alert notifies the security officer who can then validate the identity, and implement appropriate procedures. For example, if a known shoplifter is detected, security personnel may be dispatched to monitor the activities. Police could be notified if a wanted criminal is detected. Or, if the alert indicates a VIP, personnel may be sent to assist, thereby improving the customer experience.

Straight-forward Enrollment
The EclipseIR™ systems make it easy to add people to the database. Once a face is detected simply select one or more detected images click the enroll button, and enter the personal information. The next time that person is detected and matched an on-screen alert will notify personnel.

Database Integration
MobileSnapshotIR™ allows users to ingest external databases to build an active person-of-interest database. In addition to facial templates for comparison, the database also maintains appropriate person of interest identity information, as well as reason of interest and support for immediate action to be taken in the event of a match.

Database Synchronization
Multiple databases can be synchronized via a common server. This approach insures that each security officer or user is armed with up-to-date and accurate POI information to take immediate and appropriate action. When a user updates or makes a new enrollment at one site, the information is automatically synchronized, updating all other nodes. In the event of a network outage, each individual site is fully independently operational.

Eclipse Identity Recognition Corporation
EclipseIR™ brings next generation facial recognition and identity technologies to the real, imperfect world of intelligent surveillance and security, law enforcement, commercial, and social media applications.