Changing the Face of Identity Recognition

SearchPointIR™ Features

Functional Specifications
Video Channels: 1 standard; 2-, 3-, and 4-channel optional
Facial Detection: Detects multiple faces in frame
Person-of-interest Search: Included for increased accuracy
Stored Video Search: Standard
Auto-processing: Standard
Alert Notification: Selectable for Undesirables and VIP
External Alert Notification Optional
Multiple Detection Parameters: Configurable
Multiple Match Parameters: Configurable
Internationalization: Selectable language
Detected Face Gallery : Configurable
Face Enrollment: Single or multiple images
Maximum Enrollment: 50,000
Identity categories: VIP - 3, Undesirable - 8
Touchscreen capable: Standard
Driver’s license scanner integration: Configurable
Recommended Hardware
Video Camera(s): Network digital camera 640x480 minimum, providing 300 pixels per foot on target
Processor: i5 8GHz, minimum for single-channel systems
Memory: 4GB minimum; 8 recommended
Operating System: Windows 7/8
Hard Disk: 500GB minimum
Screen resolution: Minimum: 1366x768;  recommended; 1600x 900
Touchscreen: Strongly recommended
Eclipse Identity Recognition Corporation
EclipseIR™ brings next-generation facial recognition and identity technologies to the real,
imperfect world of intelligent surveillance and video analysis for law enforcement, commercial
security, and business applications.